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NTK Cutting Tools is a Division of NGK Spark Plug Co., LTD. We develop and manufacture the industry’s highest quality of advanced cutting tool products. NTK has a complete line of unique Swiss tool holders to couple with a variety of coated and uncoated insert grades giving users the confidence in the success of their manufacturing applications. Our company provides engineering and technical support to assist in the selection and development of the best tooling combination for your application along with unrivaled customer service.

NTK Cutting Tools has specialized Swiss tooling for turning, grooving, cut-off, threading, ID boring, and milling operations available in common metric and inch versions. Our coated and uncoated micro-grain carbide insert grades offer superior toughness, wear resistance, and sharp cutting edges to machine materials such as: Titanium, Chrome, Stainless steel, Steel, and Non-ferrous (Nitinol, PEEK, Brass, Copper, Aluminum, and Plastics)


Medical – Manufacturers of orthopedic implants and bone screws
Aerospace – Military and commercial aircraft parts manufacturers
Electronics – Parts manufacturers
Automotive – Parts manufacturers
Hydraulics – Parts manufacturers
Power Generation – Parts manufacturers
Fire Arms – Parts manufacturers

NTK manufactures high-quality cutting tool products to increase productivity for manufacturers.

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  • HRSA Materials
  • Gray / Ductile Cast Iron
  • Hardened Steels
  • Mill Rolls
  • Grooving
  • Tooling For Swiss Type Lathes
  • Steel Machining
  • High Speed Machining of Aluminum


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