The World of WhizCut

Demand on production for small parts around the world is continuously increasing. Higher expectations and more pressure are put on the producers of these parts. This is where WhizCut comes in. At WhizCut we understand the day to day challenges the users of Swiss automatic lathes are up against and we are committed to making life easier for these users of Swiss automatic lathes around the globe. So at WhizCut we try to find new solutions for existing problems within the world of small part machining. Our company is based on these new products that will make your production faster, more precise and effective. No matter if your work is in external cutting or internal cutting, we have the solutions to boost your production.

Why WhizCut?

Because we put your productivity first. Our tools are developed in close co-operation with existing customers. Together we can find smart new ways to solve old problems.

Committed to Quality in Every Way

WhizCut has always taken pride in delivering top quality tooling. All our inserts are checked at 60 times enlargement and the tool holders are constantly examined very thoroughly before being sent out. This is to make sure that you as our customer receive geometries and clean cutting edges expected by high end products. We at WhizCut therefore guarantee that there is no chipping or other defaults in our products. Fast shipment and reliable deliveries are also a major factor in the quality of our products. For this reason we always make sure that our products arrive at its destination on time. We believe that our thorough quality work through the whole production process makes the WhizCut products one of the highest quality products on the market.

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  • Swiss turning
  • boring
  • grooving
  • broaching
  • thread milling
  • specials
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