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About Us


About The Company

Founded in 1997, M.C. Sales & Marketing is based out of Huntington Beach, California. We have a fully staffed stocking and logistics warehouse to service the cutting tool industry in the Western United States. We have been servicing the cutting tool industry for over 25 years. In 2019 we expanded our representation to Mexico, the emerging largest U.S. trading partner in the world, where we opened a sales office in Tijuana.

M.C. Sales & Marketing has grown into the market leader for cutting tools, power tools, and tool holders representation. We represent the top lines in these markets. Service, responsiveness, and having the right tool in stock is our main goal at M.C. Sales. Being responsive to this fast-paced environment has gotten us to where we are today.


MC Sales & Marketing has been a stocking manufacturer’s representative since 1997, covering the Western United States. We pride ourselves on service, technology, and having the right tool on time. MC Sales represents market leaders in tool holding, endmills, drills, and reamers. If productivity is what you strive for, look no further.