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Why Choose Us


M.C. Sales & Marketing covers the Western United States, and Northern Mexico. We strategically regionalize our territory with our sales team where they are geographically located to heavily concentrated manufacturing hot spots. Our territories include the South Western United States, Pacific Northwest, Mountain States, and Mexico. You can find out more about the specific lines we represent in those territories here.

M.C. Sales & Marketing specializes in spindle down material removal applications. We represent market leading manufacturers of various cutting tools including end mills, drills, reamers, threading tools, and blue print specials. We also believe that your cutting tool is only as effective as your tool holder and workpiece fixturing, so in addition we represent premier quality lines for your holding and fixturing needs. Additionally, we have offerings for shrink fit, balancing, and presetting machines for optimized tool life and precision quality, as well as an offering of band saw machines, band saw blades, and machine service and maintenance.

M.C. Sales & Marketing is a manufacturers’ representative agency. We are not a wholesale channel, nor manufacture any of our lines that we represent. We are not a wholesaler that end users can purchase directly from. All sales of our products and offerings are run through authorized distributors.

We believe that the most value we can bring to our market is through hands on support with our end users and distributors. We work closely with our end users providing them with application support, tooling recommendations, troubleshooting, and more to ensure that they are using the correct tools with the best quality for their specific applications. When our customers are successful, we are successful. We provide this service and technical support at no additional cost to our end users or distributors. We also support our distributors with technical trainings, tooling crossovers, and application support so that they can be of best support with our lines.

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