Manufacturer's Representatives - Same Day Shipping from California.

Christopher Bewick

I have been around the machining industry my whole life. My family owned an injection mold shop, and when I was in high school I had the pleasure of apprenticing under my father as a mill and lathe machinist. I have been with M.C. Sales & Marketing since 2015, starting as a shipping and receiving clerk. I have enjoyed the opportunities that have come during my time with M.C. Sales & Marketing. Some of the things that make me most prideful of the industry that we are fortunate to be a part of is our American made manufacturers, the craftsmanship and pride of work quality, the range of industries including aerospace and medical, and most importantly our customer and partners we get to work with. Outside of work, my wife and I enjoy traveling, practicing our 2A hobbies, and enjoying coastal living. A couple of our favorite places we have visited are Morro Bay, Kauia and Maui, and Lake Tahoe.